Programator Eeproma XPROG



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The XPROG supports programming of Motorola 68HC05xx, 68HC08xx, 68HC11xx microcontrollers internal EEPROM and serial EEPROM's - most used programmable device in car radios, automotive computers (dashboards, AIRBAG, immobilizers), and industrial products. All supported devices

Motorola microcontrollers (on-board programming):

MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC711E9, MC68HC811E2, MC68HC11E20, MC68HC11G5, MC68HC711G5, MC68HC11N4, MC68HC11F1, MC68HC11PH8, MC68HC711PH8, MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC711PA8, MC68HC11K4, MC68HC711K4, MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC711KA4, MC68HC11L6, MC68HC711L6,MC68HC11P2, MC68HC11F1

MC68HC11PH8(0H30R Q=614kHz) , MC68HC11PH8(3D64J Q=614kHz) , MC68HC11P2(0G10V Q=614kHz) , MC68HC11P2(1E53M Q=614kHz) , MC68HC11P2(3E74J Q=614kHz) , MC68HC11EA9(2D47J) , MC68HC11EA9(1D47J) , MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC05B6/16/32, MC68HC705B16/16N/32, MC68HC05X16/32,C68HC05B32 (new type from Audi CHORUS),MC68HC05H12(0H57A) , MC68HC05E6(0G72G) , MC68HC05E6(0F82B) , MC68HC05X32(0D69J;1H52A) , MC68HC05X32(0D53J) , MC68HC08AZ32 , C68HC08AZ32(0J66D) , MC68HC08AS60 , MC68HC08AZ60 , MC68HC08AZ60A ,

Serial EEPROM:

AT93C46, AT93C46A, AT93C56, AT93C57, AT93C66, AT59C11, AT59C12, AT59C13, CAT24C01, CAT24WC01, CAT24C02, CAT24WC02, CAT24C04, CAT24WC04, CAT24C08, CAT24WC08, CAT24C16, CAT24WC16, CAT24C32, CAT24WC32, CAT24C64, CAT24WC64, CAT64LC10, CAT64LC20, CAT64LC30, CAT93C46, CAT93C46A, CAT93C56, CAT93C57, CAT93C66, CAT93C66A, CAT93C86, 24C01A, 24LC01B, 24C02A, 24LC02B, 24C04A, 24LC04B, 24C08A, 24LC08B, 24C16A, 24LC16B, 24C32A, 24LC32B, 85C72, 85C82, 85C92, 93C06, 93C46, 93LCS46, 93LC46B, 93C56, 93LC56, 93C66, 93LC66, 93C76, 93LC76, 93C86, 93LC86, M6M80011P, M6M80021P, M6M80041P, NM93C06, NM93C46, NM93C14, NM93C56, NM93CS56, NM93C66, NM93CS66, NM93C86A, SDE2506, SDE2526, X24C00, X24C01, X2402, X2404, X2408, X24164, X24165, X2444, X24C44.

Hardware Specifications :

Include high output current MPU.
External output for on-board device programming via universal XPROG connector..
Serial port interface (up to 115K baud) works on (COM1, COM 2, COM3 or COM4).

Function Specifications:

File Load / Save, Read, Write, Verify, Checksum, Security, Edit, Options Configuration.

Electrical Requirements:

Operating Voltage : +12-15V DC.
Power Consumption : 50 mA.

Processor: INTEL Pentium 60MHz or faster (depends on operating system)
Memory (RAM) 32MB (depends on operating system)
Hard drive: 5MB free space
Communication: One free physical COM-port
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95/98 (Windows NT/ME/2000/XP is not supported)